Devices & DIY

Hand press.

Press consists of modules and is adjustable in width and height.
It is also possible to assemble the press both vertically and horizontally.
Press is equipped with trapeze-shaped blades or blades leaning on rack and pinion.
Blades can be supported by crossbeam or rack and pinion.
The number of blades placed on the module can also be changed.
The construction is easily adjustable, enabling to press details in different sizes and shapes.
Easy and flexible adjusting allows to evenly distribute the pressure on the details or direct it to one certain area.
The press can be conveniently assembled and disassembled which makes it very handy to carry with you.
It can be used to press various sheet materials to use in furniture, doors, and other products.

  • Modules in various sizes
  • Blades in different types and sizes
  • Diverse setup options (number of modules, blades etc.)
  • Easy to store and transport
  • Enables to order separate details

Work benches, vacuum tables.

Montage and assembly devices.

We produce special devices for material processing and detail assembly.
Devices are made based on your drawings or created by us during product development.
The devices we construct and produce facilitate job processes, making them more effective and easier.

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