Trictrac Chinese Style

Trictrac „Chinese Style“ is made of solid wood and veneer.
Panels are manually embellished using intarsia technique.
Exterior is decorated with a hieroglyph 氣 (Qi)symbolizing vitality and “The Great Beginning”.
The inner sides and game pieces are decorated with the yin-yang symbol conveying balance and harmony.
The edges are covered with traditional Chinese ornaments.
The board game is made of high-quality brass details produced in England and Estonia.
Upon request it is possible to cover the edges of the board game with gold or other precious metals.
The trictrac shown in the picture is embellished with gold-plated Silver anniversary medallions.
Each game instance can be customized and designed based on your wishes.

  • 100% wood and veneer: Beech, sapele, birch
  • Intarsia – handicraft
  • Carved ornaments covering the edges
  • Engraved game pieces
  • Brass hinges, fasteners, and screws
  • Silver and gold-plated details (optional)
  • Inlaying with silver and other metals (optional)
  • Ivory dices
  • NB! This product can be decorated with a company logo, initials, welcome text, or other symbols.

Dimensions (assembled):
600mm x 300mm x 50mm.

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