Business to business


Collaboration between companies:

We carry out collaboration projects and jobs by subcontracting in areas of:

  • 2D/3D CNC works
  • Mechatronics
  • Product design and engineering
  • Construction, renovation, and restoration
  • Exterior and interior advertisements
  • Interior design
  • Furniture production
  • Toy and souvenir production
  • Jeweler production
  • Technological device production and assembly


Collaboration with small companies:

We collaborate with small companies to develop and market products and services.
We offer assembly services to small companies by subcontracting.
We deliver devices and instruction materials to small companies.

Collaboration with freelancers:

We collaborate with freelancing professionals who are engaged in the areas of design, projecting, 3D/3D modelling and visualization.
We carry out collaboration projects related to product design.
We produce sample items and prototypes for designers, engineers, and inventors.
We are always open to new ideas and collaboration projects.
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